DnD Character Race Cards

Last week I shared 5e DnD Class Cards I’d created to help teach character creation to some new players. Some folks asked for race cards too.

Well, the character creation session I was supposed to host yesterday got postponed. As I now have an additional week to further over-prepare for the session, I got to work creating class cards and some other handouts.

For these visual aids, I simply listed a brief description of the race along with its Ability Score Increase, Racial Traits, and Subraces. Since this is intended for introducing beginner players to the game, I’ve stuck with just the options available in the Player Handbook, for now.

You can download a PDF of these cards below.

The documents are formatted to print double sided, flipping on the long edge. To give the cards a more finished look, I ran the edges across an ink pad.

In case you missed my previous post, here are the Class Cards as well.

I hope these character creation aids can help inspire and excite new players and give a bit of help to other overexcited DMs teaching the game to the next generation.

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Hi, I’m Brandon. I enjoy playing D&D and being a dad. Not necessarily in that order. Prestidaditation is a place where I talk about the intersection of these two passions.

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