DnD Class Cards

This weekend I’ll be teaching some of my daughter’s friends, and their parents, how to create characters and play D&D. So naturally, in my excitement to introduce the hobby to new folks, I am doing way too much prep.

To help with character creation, I made a set of class cards. They aren’t fancy; I just copied and pasted the info from the class table in the Players Handbook. But if there is one thing I have learned playing D&D with kids, it’s that visually aids can be hugely helpful.

Download a PDF of these cards below.

The document is formatted to print double sided, flipping on the long edge. To give the cards a more finished look, you can run the edges across an ink pad.

I have given a lot of thought to helping players build their first character, specifically to choosing a class. I am of the opinion that any class can be a good first class, so I don’t discourage them from playing what they want. I find it much better to let them play what excites them. The keys is to get them having fun as soon as possible.

I hope these cards can help inspire and excite new players and give a bit of help to other overexcited DMs teaching the game to the next generation.

Published by Brandon Hansen

Hi, I’m Brandon. I enjoy playing D&D and being a dad. Not necessarily in that order. Prestidaditation is a place where I talk about the intersection of these two passions.

One thought on “DnD Class Cards

  1. These are very clever. I agree regarding letting everyone play what they want. That’s how you sink the hook into them. Haha.

    It’s so fun to watch young folks or those who entirely new to the hobby as they go about choosing their characters. You can really learn a lot about people. Good luck with the new game!


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