The Faye Stuffed: Adorable Companions for Young Adventurers

In a world of Dungeons and Dragons, it’s dangerous to go alone. For the young solo adventurer, or small adventuring party, I present a new companion to aid you on your quest: The Faye Stuffed Stuffy.

My daughter, Faye, has an amazing number of stuffed animals. She loves each and everyone one and plays with them far more than any other toy. One afternoon I suggested to her that we write up D&D creature stat blocks for some of them. We had a great time coming up with abilities and she had some really awesome ideas, including chocolate brownie laser eyes for a stuffed dog named Brownie.

I worked up the stat block below that we then modified for each individual stuffed animal. You can download the stat block and short write up, including advice on leveling and customizing your own stuffy companion, for free here from

While D&D is designed for a typical adventuring party of four to six players, I run a lot of games one-on-one for my daughter. There is a lot you can do to adjust the game for just one player including adjusting encounters or adding additional DM or PC controlled characters.

The game’s designers, Wizards of the Coasts, have provided a few ways to handle this situation. In the Essentials Kit they introduced sidekicks, which they latter expanded in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. In the new Starter Set adventure, Dragons of Stormwreck Isle, they say that when there are fewer than four players, one or more players should play two characters so that there are at least four in the party.

But the solution she most enjoys is when I give her a non-humanoid companion to adventure with. Usually it is an animal companion, but it can be more fun to get more creative. In one of our games she has a blue dragon wyrmling that I scaled down to first level and am now leveling up with the sidekick rules from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. The Faye Stuffed Stuffy buddies are another fun way to mix up the type of companions we use.

I hope you find this helpful when playing D&D with your own kids, or at the very lease had a chuckle at this idea. I would love to see your modified stuffy stats or pictures of your kid’s stuffy buddies. You can @ me on twitter and facebook @prestidad or use the hashtag #fayestuffy

Happy adventuring!

Published by Brandon Hansen

Hi, I’m Brandon. I enjoy playing D&D and being a dad. Not necessarily in that order. Prestidaditation is a place where I talk about the intersection of these two passions.

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